Feeling like you need a pick me up? Want to start on your body positivity journey, but don’t know where to begin? On our body positivity journey already but want to brush up on self empowerment? Check out our 5 tips to empower yourself right now:

1.      Delete Anyone That You Follow on Social Media Who Doesn’t Inspire You.


Social media is great for keeping up to date with the people you really care about, world news, and even people you don’t really know. Which is both good and bad; sometimes, too much information is just too much. From now on, vow to delete anything and everything that doesn’t inspire you. Make room for you.


2.      Burn….We mean, Recycle Any and All Magazines that tell you all the ways you could look better/lose weight/be better in bed. That paper could be put to better use in so many other ways.


We get it magazines, your insecurity means that you worry that if you actually empower us instead of encourage insecurity then our strange and abusive relationship (Love who you are! Vs 10 ways you can be better in bed Vs Checkout this woman/man’s cellulite….ewww Vs but obviously love who you are anyway, okay? Vs These guys told us their turn offs but we don’t care #Feminism) with you might end or change. You know what? It might, but encouraging shame and self-loathing is no way to build a healthy long-term relationship.

 3.      Engage In One Act of Self-Care


Heard of the lab coat theory? It’s the idea that if someone is wearing a lab coat, you are more likely to trust them. That’s why we just phrased that as if we were on the USS enterprise.

Read a book, sing along out loud at the top of your lungs to a guilty pleasure song, knit, play Tetris, go for a bath, write a list of reasons why you are great, meditate, call a friend, hide under a duvet, paint, try yoga, listen to calming music or any music you like, learn a new language, try aromatherapy, try sensory play…the list is endless. Self love, body positivity, self worth are so closely connected, do what you can to make self care a habit, not a treat.

It’s a skill that we’re not taught in school or further education. Perhaps you come from a family that encourages self-care and you have a routine, but if you aren’t there are ways to incorporate self-care in your day-to-day life.

Start by dedicating 5 mins every day to self-care.


4.      Stop Comparing Yourself


 Every time you compare yourself to another person you are distancing yourself from your abilities and your good. It’s not fair and the good news is that it’s easy to stop because the only way a comparison can define you is if you accept it.

Starting right now, make a note of every comparison that jumps into your mind. You might be surprised at how much you participate in bullying yourself.

If you want to read more about our thoughts on comparison you can check out our post about it here; One of the most common self-esteem traps.


5.      Let Go of Any Preconceived Notions or Expectations About How Your Life Should Be and What You Should Have Achieved by Now.


Regardless of your age, you are young. Life is long and the idea that you should have achieved x,y,z by a certain age is the very idea that will lead you into making bad decisions. It’s the same idea that means you end up looking back at photographs of yourself and making statements like “why didn’t I just…”.

Life is organic, by believing our preconceived notions and expectations we are not only harming ourselves and making everything more complicated than it needs to be, we are denying who we are in this moment.

Celebrate who you are right now.


Welcome to Body Positivity, Self Love and Empowerment. You rock!


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