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#FitmalionEmpowerment 2014, Womankind Worldwide & the EndSVC Summit

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When we first got involved with Fitmalion Empowerment, we didn’t realise that it would be held 2 days after the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence. Helen Horne, Chief Executive of Womankind Worldwide, says that “a key way to #EndVAWG is to challenge attitudes and beliefs that condone and perpetuate it, and to empower women and girls”. We would agree.

Fitmalion Empowerment aims to empower through bringing people together, celebrating the unique qualities and strengths that each of us possess, regardless of age, race or gender, and sharing an experience that will help to change the lives of women across the world.

In the words of Angelina Jolie, “the use of sexual violence is a great injustice,” and further that “rape is not a women’s issue or humanitarian issue, but a global issue”. As a society, it is important that we not only address ending sexual violence through global summits, education, prevention and providing resources for survivors. But it is also important for us to give people the opportunity to raise money to help charities like Womankind Worldwide achieve these goals. This is what we hope #FitmalionEmpowerment 2014 will do.

What you might not know is that #FitmalionEmpowerment 2014’s aims are twofold, the event is designed to raise money for charity but Naomi Di Fabio has also designed an event which aims to empower each attendee and the local community. The venue uses money raised from hiring out the venue to go into bursary’s for students, the money raised by the event helps women and humanity in places that you may never see, and the content is designed to encourage you to start seeing yourselves for what you are; More than capable, Strong and Beautiful individuals.

Empowerment comprises so many factors and that is why we ran our “Empowerment is” campaign, to highlight the fact that while there are many perspectives of empowerment, behind empowerment are basic tenets: Freedom, Education, A Safe Environment that gives all people the opportunity to thrive, Self-development/self-love, and Confidence.  Beyond that we found the shared dream of the women involved in the “Empowerment is . . .” campaign: To help others find their voice and place in the world, achieve their goals and build a better future for everyone.

Naomi, Alicja, Sandra, Natalia, Syreeta, Juliet, Dede, Jo Cooper, Rhiannon, Carlie, Jo Parry, Zoe & Eliete are all remarkable people; just like you.

We want to thank Womankind Worldwide for allowing us to be part of their #endsvc campaign, every fantastic company that has donated to the raffle, everyone who has been part of it, and most of all we want to thank you guys; Thank You!


A message from Naomi Di Fabio:



When I was organising this event, neither I nor 9 Tea Cups – our proud sponsors – had any idea that it would immediately follow the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict. As Anna Wintour famously said, “It’s always about timing. If it’s too soon, no one understands. If it’s too late, everyone’s forgotten”. Everyone will understand this and no will will have forgotten.

Recently in the news there have been many stories of women being abused, without the same rights as men, violated, kidnapped leading to many campaigns. I have chosen to support Womankind Worldwide – an international women’s human rights charity – through #FitmalionEmpowerment 2014. They work to help women transform their lives in Africa, Asia and Latin America partnering with women’s rights organisations who are tackling the day to day issues that affect women’s lives and who are creating impact. Womankind Worldwide make a real difference to the lives of women across the world by delivering the essential support these women’s organisations need to amplify their voice, increase their impact and bring about greater change.

I am passionate about supporting women. I’m not quite sure when this started or what prompted the strong feelings that I have but I feel that women need to be strong, equal, and respected. I am fortunate enough to have a grandfather who is a strong advocate for women and he often speaks for the need for equality and balance between genders in the world. So men and women work together in powerful positions, instead of overpowering the other.

With #FitmalionEmpowerment we are coming together as fitness and dance enthusiasts to contribute to change in the global inequality between men and women across the world. We can effect change as individuals, but by coming together, speaking up, and supporting one another our impact can be far greater and reach more people.

While we are aiming to make a global impact by supporting Womankind Worldwide, we will also make a ‘local’ impact. When we dance together and support each other on Sunday, we will actually impact each other in and we will help to build each other up. I hope that you all feel empowered enough to take that energy from the event and spread it around your towns and cities.

How to start the #FE vibe early:

Dance is one of my lifelong passions. It enables me to express myself, connect with others, inspire and create an impact. Those are the reasons I do it. I don’t engage in fitness or dance with the thought of needing to work out or change something about my body.

On a daily basis I hear women exclaim ‘I wish I had legs like her’, ‘I want her hair’, “Her bum is amazing, I want it’ and we go on comparing ourselves to everyone around us whether they are physically there, on our screens or our magazines.

It saddens me every time I hear that happen. Everytime you compare yourself to someone else, you negate yourself. So stop.

We are all special, beautiful, individuals who have great value simply because we are. Comparing ourselves to others, wanting to be like someone else whether physically or in personality is denying our own self. Which is a sure-fire way of destroying our own confidence and disregarding our own power.

I’m looking forward to meeting all of the fantastic people who have already bought their tickets on Sunday.

If you haven’t got your ticket yet, will you join us in London on Sunday? #FitmalionEmpowerment 2014 is open to everyone – women, men, instructor or not. Book your tickets now on Fitmalion.com and make history by being part of #FitmalionEmpowerment 2014!

If you cannot make it, can I ask you to make a difference by sharing this message with others who might be able to come and by making a donation on my Just Giving #FitmalionEmpowerment page to support women across the world to be EQUAL, RESPECTED & PROUD.


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