#FitmalionEmpowerment 2014 & Us


If you follow us on Twitter, G+ or Facebook you will know that we are proudly sponsoring Naomi Di Fabio‘s #FitmalionEmpowerment 2014. A Dance Fitness event in aid of the charity Womankind Worldwide, who support women’s rights organisations across the world in challenging discrimination and violence.

The wait is almost over. With #FitmalionEmpowerment 2014 only a few weeks away, months of work and preparation are about to reach a crescendo, and we really hope that you are there to see it!

With 5 hours of dance fitness ahead of us, we are preparing now. Everyone hydrating? Feeling limber? If not, drop to the floor, slam down your yoga mat and get stretching (Have you adopted corpse pose too? We’re sure it counts).

There are so many reasons why we chose to support this event, not only does #FitmalionEmpowerment encourage people of all ages and abilities to come and learn from 13 of the UK’s top female fitness presenters, it is also showcasing new fitness trends, encouraging healthy body-image and self-expression, and to add to that it is raising money for a fantastic cause.

The #FitmalionEmpowerment ethos is one of support, collaboration, friendship and of course, empowerment. A central aim of the event is to encourage people to be true to themselves and to be unafraid of who they are. Encouraging them to believe in themselves and their strengths, talents, values and life experiences, and to use those qualities to enable them to move forward on their path. It is these very values that are fundamental to the work that we do in all of our workshops, and this is how our relationship with Naomi Di Fabio and #FitmalionEmpowerment was born.

The work that Naomi has done in researching some of the UK’s best classes is astounding and to give you an idea of what kind of classes are going on, here’s a brief introduction to each class:

  • Voga (that’s right, Vogueing-meets-yoga to an eighties soundtrack),
  • The Jungle Body Konga (a mash up of Boxing, Kickboxing, Cardio, Afro, Pop, Rock, Pilates and Disco) & Jagua (Body Conditioning to Old School, Hip Hop, Pop & Afro Music),
  • Raunch (how to release your inner diva through dance. . .did you just snap your fingers at us?),
  • This is My House (a House Dance class),
  • Mash It Up (for lovers of Ragga & Dancehall, developed by one of Laure Courtellemont’s students),
  • Brazilian Samba (always wanted to samba? This class is for you!),
  • Booiaka (Sizzling cardio dance workout that combines elements of lots of different dance styles, such as Brazilian, Jamaican, hip-hop and Reggaeton),
  • Streetfit (street dance meets dance fitness. All of our dance movie dreams are coming true),
  • Zumba (Unleash your inner Shakira…Or Pitbull. Exotic rhythms set to high energy latin and international beats),
  • Fitsteps (This one is for all the strictly come dancing fans: think Cha Cha, Rumba, Jive, Quickstep, Waltz, Paso Doble, American Smooth, Samba and Tango),
  • Find My Flow (A brand new experience in the world of dance fitness. Delve into this journey of self-discovery and find your flow with combinations of low-impact moves, balanced poses and stretching elements all inspired by timeless dance and fitness disciplines). 

Dance Fitness classes are incredibly honest places, when faced with your own reflection attempting to follow the flawless moves of a fabulous instructor, any number of insecurities can stop you dead in your tracks. A good instructor will help you realise that those insecurities are meaningless, that you are not meant to be a carbon copy of the instructor but an embodiment of all that you are (regardless of skill level – that will change with time), and that you are exactly where you need to be.

Having had the chance to be taught by Naomi, we can attest to the fact that she is the kind of instructor who will lift you up and help you celebrate you for who you are. Working with Naomi over the past few months has reaffirmed that. The energy and passion surrounding #FitmalionEmpowerment 2014 is and has been incredibly inspiring.

We invite you to join us, Naomi Di Fabio and the 12 other brilliant #FitmalionEmpowerment presenters on June the 15th for 5 hours and dance with us to change lives. Tickets, £40 (limited time only), available from Fitmalion.com

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