On Being Different

Being different means that sometimes you have to fight harder for the things that “normal” people seem to be handed; things like education, proper care, and jobs.

Your path to these things is different, in some ways being different means you are ahead of the curve; society hasn’t yet created the right paths for you or people like you to access the things that they provide for others. In other ways being different means that with each encounter of these obstacles, you can feel more isolated.

It’s not easy.

Sometimes it means allowing others to fight on your behalf, this isn’t because you cannot fight. It’s because the people around you want, with every micrometre of their being, for you to be given the opportunity to live the life that you deserve.

Most importantly being different means never giving up on yourself, because you deserve all of these things and (even though it might not feel like it) there are millions of people who want you to succeed.


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