you are worth so much mor
Image borrowed from @radicalemprints. Image description: Black printed text on white background reads, “You are worth so much more than your productivity” followed by a stamp print of a rose and the text, “Anti-capitalist love notes”.


The idea that productivity = worth is one that permeates through every level of society.  From social skills to set expectations about who we are supposed to be as people, it is one of the many ways that ableism shames anyone who is different. Eroding self-esteem and isolating other people by setting a subjective standard: What is productive? And what does “productivity” take into account?

The “productive” standard was set for people who are able to reach it, by those who were able to reach it. It ignores difference and it ignores reality; the models and the standards that we have in place are not inclusive.

By being more honest and open about where these standards came from allows us to dismantle them and replace them with standards that are inclusive and relatable.

Ableist standards do nothing but exclude and maintain the status quo, which is both exclusive and ignorant.

There is no fault in being who you are.

Starting today, drop any and all expectations. Let go of the idea that productivity is proportional to your value as a human being (it’s not, and never was).

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