#TGIF teacups summer anthology part 3: September 2014


august tgif teacups

Welcome to the beginning of the week, the final post of our 3 day summer anthology series (if you’ve been keeping track) and the penultimate day of September 2014.

September’s playlist is hands down, the most varied playlist in #TGIFteacups history. You are in for a treat! Scroll down to the end of the post to check out a bonus track.

Two tracks that weren’t available on spotify were Mary Lambert’s, “Secrets” and Chris Isaak performing Johnny Cash’s last recording, unfortunately we can’t find any videos on youtube for that track. To make up for it we included one of Johnny Cash’s later recordings and a Chris Isaak track in the playlist.

We found the brilliant Mary Lambert’s “secrets” and we highly recommend it:


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