We have relaunched our brand new glutenfree, dairyfree, refined sugar free bakery site…And we are so excited!

It’s been a few years since our store was live, we have spent the time since then working up and down the country at food fairs, developing new recipes and perfecting the recipes that we have. Running a glutenfree, freefrom bakery is one of our greatest achievements, the fact that our sales help to support our social enterprise work; supporting autistic people, disabled people, people who struggle with their mental health, survivors of trauma and people who struggle with their body image, makes it all the more sweeter.

We’ve served people with strict dietary restrictions, converted people who were scared of glutenfree bakes, and we’ve worked up and down the country. If you are glutenfree and have any other dietary restrictions then our bakery was made for you!

We have run body positivity workshops, social skills hangouts, one-to-one and family support sessions, pro bono advocacy work, inclusive fitness classes. And we have no plans of stopping!

Nine Tea Cups Gluten Free Bakery and Social Enterprise Founders

Check our glutenfree bakery out here, order your cake  and change the world!






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