If you’ve been to any of our talks over the past few months, you will be familiar with the limited services narrative.

This narrative is used to tell marginalised people- and those who fight and care for them –that “there is only one support service, this service, and if we can’t help, then you will be totally alone”.

But there is a fundamental problem with this narrative: it is self defeating. It further marginalises the people who need help and the public perception of anyone who is marginalised. It doesn’t make the issues of these people a priority or work to make their issues a priority, and it furthers the public perception that there are no other services to support them which is totally untrue.

Bad services get a lot of press, good support services are mostly invisible because we live in a world that fears difference and relies on the limited services narrative to shut down any discussion about services, while promoting the service of the speaker and silencing the people that they are meant to be empowering.

Support services are not worthy causes to be pursued by people and companies looking for a positive PR boost, support services are necessary causes that should be pursued, and fought for, by us all.

So the next time, you encounter anyone utilising that narrative call them out on it. Who does that narrative serve? The only person it sheds light on is the speaker. Let’s change that.

Want to learn more? Check out our talk here:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mob8JexHT8Q (56:51)

and our original post about the impact of the limited services narrative in support services, here.

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