Today we’ve been talking about social media and #fomo (fear of missing out) or a feeling of being excluded.

What’s important to remember is that social media is not an accurate depiction of life, it’s a curated highlight reel. The reality is that life is full of mundane things, but those things don’t tend to make it to social media.

If you reach a point where social media feels exclusive and unwelcoming, reach out to someone you know and trust. Perhaps take a break from social media and, when you are ready, delete all and any accounts that don’t inspire you. Give yourself permission to curate your online experience so that it lifts you up. 




  1. So true I actually wrote about this just the other day. We (as a society) are literally doing it to ourselves.

    • You’re right, and because of that it seems that we should have more calls and talks about maintaining healthy relationships with others and yourself, online. Starting with things that most of us use; twitter, facebook, Instagram, snapchat. And then extending it to safeguarding.

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