The Association of Charitable Organisations has launched the #HereToHelp Campaign. This campaign aims to raise awareness of the help grant-giving charities could provide to anyone struggling financially as a result of the coronavirus pandemic .

Grant-giving charities are an often lesser-known part of the charity sector but can provide lifelines for those who need it. Applications are usually judged on a case-by-case basis and are available for a huge range of circumstances. Here are some of the most common reasons why you may be granted financial support:

– Paying for day-to-day essentials: food, bills, clothes and more
– Help purchasing or repairing home essentials, furniture and white goods
– Adaptions to the home and help with extra costs related to an illness/disability
– Back to school costs – school uniforms, IT and study equipment
– Childcare support
– Respite breaks
– Funeral costs
– Bankruptcy and Insolvency Fees

Many grant-giving charities are there to serve different groups of people, so please do check the ACO UK’s site to learn more about how they can help.


Learn More

Here is a list of all of the charities that are part of the ACO: Here is the link to the members of the ACO 

The Turn2us Grants Search is a site that searches over 1,500 charitable grants. You can search by age, location, profession, medical condition and other criteria. Use it now to find out what you might be eligible for.

Important note: the more information you enter in this search, the more likely you are to find a suitable grant-giving charity for your needs.


Support doesn’t stop at grants, many grant-giving charities also provide advice services (e.g. Debt Advice, benefits, careers, legal advice, relationships and more.) and wellbeing and mental health services (e.g. Counselling services, peer-to-peer support groups, befriending services and helplines).


Where else can I find grants?

Some council websites will give a list of your local charities that give money/goods direct to people in need.


The Smallwood Trust has been helping women on low incomes since 1886.


What about Nine Tea Cups?

Nine Tea Cups is here to help too, in a different way. We’re a social enterprise. Which means that our goods helps to fund and subsidise our support work. We are here to help you through support, community classes and advocacy. We’re also here to signpost important information like this. The support world is huge, but it doesn’t have an ad budget. Which is why we write posts like this; we all need support, but many of us don’t know where to look for it.

We are all guilty of holding out when it comes to seeking help, it’s time that we supported one another in seeking help as and when we need it. Not just because it benefits us, but also because it makes these support pathways stronger and it creates social capital, which helps build resilient communities. Together, we got this.