It has been so long since our last post and you could say that the way our long planned fundraiser managed to fall before we met any real hurdles knocked us out, we would agree. Thankfully it’s 2013 now, our fundraiser fail is in the past and we have a lot of catching up to do!
This year is full of new beginnings for us. Our long awaited Social Skills Workshops start at ASPIE next wednesday (30/1/2013) contact us at for more info!
We’re also putting together;
  • Parental Support Workshops,
  • Sibling Support Workshops,
  • Family Support Workshops
  • and Spousal / Couple Support Workshops.
We run 2 monthly zumba classes from Cookhill Village Hall (just outside redditch) on the last wednesday of each month, profits from which go towards our workshops.
More details to follow 🙂

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