A snapshot of the paypal receipt for a £211 donation to the Centre for Women's Justice from our bakery's Smash the Patri-Eggy Easter Egg sales
From our bakery to your home. Thank you so much for your orders, we could never have imagined that our humble Smash the Patri-Eggy would be so popular! We hope they all made their way to you safely – and to you brave and incredible people who ordered not one but two large Smash the Patri-Eggy; we salute you!


Thanks to you all, we fundraised £211 for the Centre for Women’s Justice. If you would like to continue to support their work, you can donate here


We’d also like to thank the Centre for Women’s Justice for all of the work that they do.


If you would like to order yourself something from the bakery, join a workshop, class or reach out for support then you can do so here and if you would like to keep reading, head back to the blog for more delicious posts.


Thank you so much you incredible people! If you would like to see any products at the bakery that you can’t find, let us know!