National Diversity Award Nomination in the Redditch Standard, next to cake and a cup of tea

National Diversity Award Nomination news!

Working with the wonderful people and communities that we work with, we are never short of awe-inspiring experiences in kindness, compassion and humanity.

When we received today’s news we could not believe it!

We’re very excited to tell you that we have been nominated for a National Diversity Award as a multi-strand community organisation. Our bakery and fitness classes help to subsidise support workshops for autistic people, survivors of trauma and disabled people. The fact that you are part of our work makes me so proud and grateful. The community we have is really special, and wouldn’t be possible with you. 

This week our local paper, The Redditch Standard came to photograph us to share the news with the town. Read their very kind article here: Cakes and more as Nine Tea Cups shortlisted for diversity award – The Redditch Standard

In the meantime, if you would like to order a cake, come to a class or simply reach out, please get in touch

If you would like to be part of our National Diversity Award Nomination, click here: Nominate – National Diversity Awards

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