Introducing you to our No Judgement Fitness Classes.

Judgement, whether you are on the receiving end or the one doing the judging, separates us. It fractures relationships between people because it gives rise to an “us and them” dynamic. And because we don’t know how to approach difference, we judge it. So much of our judgement doesn’t come from a moral stance, but a place of insecurity and that messes with our bopo (body positivity) mojo.

Image description: “Love is the absence of Judgement – Dalai Lama XI V” written in light blue text on a turquoise background.

Our bodies change every day, this is natural, but the evidence that we are given from the media and the world around us  suggests that this isn’t “normal” and that we should work to stop our bodies from being this way. If we can’t, then it is deemed a failure.

We’re told to judge our bodies; this judgement is normalised in adverts, tv shows, and magazines. It filters into day-to-day conversation, we are expected to believe and accept that our bodies are not enough. That body positivity is somehow radical. As it turns out, it’s an easy belief to commit to. But just because something is popular, doesn’t mean it’s true.

Your body is amazing because it is yours. It’s not static and it will change from day-to-day, these changes might range from barely noticeable to impossible to ignore. That’s ok, in fact, it’s normal.

Image description: Drawing of a topless man with pink skin and a blue beard and blue hair in jeans, running his hand through his hair. He has stubble/hair on his stomach, chest and arms, hearts for nipples, does not have a six pack and a skull and crossbones tattoo on his other arm. He is standing against a polkadot background, next to text that reads, “You don’t need abs to be fab”.

Fitness needn’t be about setting unattainable goals or finding new ways to hate yourself. Fitness is empowering because it is one of the many ways we can demonstrate to ourselves how much we are capable of.

If your fitness goals include things like, “When I get abs then I will be happy”, you will always be left wanting. That’s because when not dealt with, insecurities have a way of seeping into our thoughts no matter what. Once you reach your goal, your insecurities will still be there. And self-judgement will still be there.

What is the #NoJudgement ethos?

Our No Judgement Classes are about starting where you are. Forget about fitness goals, forget about forcing yourself into positions that don’t feel good, and let go of trying to make sure that every move you make is a carbon copy of the instructor’s, instead focus on where you feel good, focus on moving how you want to move within the setting you are in. That’s not to say that some things won’t be challenging, but it gives you the opportunity to approach the way you approach yourself differently. It gives you the opportunity to get comfortable with wherever you are and build on that. It helps us become more aware of the thoughts we have that help us, and the thoughts that hinder us.

That is the aim of the no judgement fitness class.

We have worked to select fitness formats that could be adapted for different abilities, formats that nourished emotional wellbeing and formats that didn’t make class participants feel overly self-conscious or as if they “couldn’t”.

be curious
Image description: White Text on a Plain Black Background that reads, “Be curious, not judgemental. – Walt Whitman”.

We have started the timetable with POUND – Rockout. Workout., a drumming inspired workout, and it is amazing to see you attend each week. What we love about the workout, is that it’s about finding yourself in the rhythm and putting everything on the mat.
It’s as much about as physical fitness as it is about emotional wellbeing and, because of that, it goes deeper than so many of the other formats that we were looking at.

Our No Judgement Fitness Class timetable will be built upon as time goes by, if there are any formats you would like to see us teach please let us know by getting in touch or leaving a comment 🙂